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SegPayEU customers

CCbill customers

Username and password trouble shooting

1. Please make sure your login and password were entered correctly. Pay attention that both of them are case sensitive. We recommend copying and pasting your login and password. You can use the password reminding service for customers billed by CCBill ( or
SegPayEU (

2. If you have just signed up and your login is not working, please wait 5 minutes for the login to activate. If you still have troubles getting in afterwards, send us a trouble ticket from this page and we will deal with your issue as soon as possible.

Paysite access trouble shooting

1. If you see the"cannot display the webpage" error while connecting to members area,
it means your IP is blocked because a virus from your PC
generates bruteforce hacking attempts on the member zones of our sites.
We experience over 1,000 intrusion attempts per second.
Send us your IP at, and we will unblock it
until the virus starts attacking and overloading our servers again.

We strongly recommend you to install firewall and antivirus software to prevent
serious damage done to your system.


Video clips trouble shooting

Problem description: When clicking on the link of video clip the Windows Media Player (RealPlayer or another default video player) appears and asks for password and/or the downloading process stops.

Solution: Perform right-click on the link of the video clip and then choose 'Save Target As...' option. Then open video clip with Windows Media Player (or another default video player) upon downloading complete.

Problem description: Windows Media Player (or another default video player) does not run downloaded video clip.

Solution: You should have Windows Media Player ( installed to play WMV files.
To play AVI files, you need to have the freeware DivX codec pack downloaded and installed: for PC users
and for Mac users.

If problems with playing video clips still remain, please, fill in and send us Customer Service form with problem description which is placed below.

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